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Window film opposite: the solution against neighbourhoods in the city

Guide January 24th, 2023 2023-01-24T08:00:00+08:00
Window film

Living in the city brings many little joys to your daily life, the bakery down the street, the animation and the effervescence, all close by... But it also has its little flaws that can sometimes spoil your life: the neighborhood and more particularly, the vis-à-vis.

To avoid this inconvenience day after day, we offer you a simple, economical and effective solution: the window film opposite. There are 2 types of anti-screw films, frosted and one-way mirror, here are their main characteristics: 

Face to face window film: frosted

You've probably seen it before, the frosted film is recognizable by its main characteristic which blurs the glass to give it a blurred effect. This window film opposite is particularly appreciated for its ability to block glances, day and night, with or without the light on. You can apply it on the whole of your window, on a skylight, in a bathroom or a corridor for example, in a room where it is not necessarily important to keep the view on the outside.
Some people also apply it in a living room or a bedroom but only on the lower part of the window. Indeed you can cut this window film opposite frosted to the dimensions you want! 
Easy to apply, we recommend the white version for a maximum of efficiency and for a close and distant vis-à-vis, or the translucent version which will let almost 100% of the light through but will be installed rather to fight against a distant vis-à-vis.

The one-way mirror film

Unavoidable, the window film opposite One-way mirror is the most used solution against prying eyes because it is the only one that allows to keep the view on the outside while cutting the view from the outside to the inside: you can see without being seen! Ideal when you want to enjoy the outside landscape without anyone being able to see into your home. Be careful though, this film becomes ineffective at night with the interior light on. In the city, the problem of vis-à-vis being very frequent, many of you turn to this solution which is very quickly set up, but which requires all the same the agreement of the co-ownership because the mirror effect modifies the external visual effect of the pane.

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