Last minute gift idea for decorators!

Trend December 15, 2022 2022-12-15T08:00:00+08:00
Adhesive coating

Christmas is coming fast! And you still haven't found a gift idea for someone who loves decorating? No problem! Luminis Films Santa comes to the rescue with last minute gift ideas!

A panoramic wallpaper

Choose from a selection of beautiful panoramic wallpapers with exclusive designs! A big trend that's coming back into fashion, wallpaper is now much easier to install, especially those offered in the Luminis Films line, since they are already pre-glued. This means that you only have to humidify the back to reactivate the glue before installing it. This gift is sure to please thanks to its originality! I offer wallpaper 

A quality carpet

If you have a nice budget to spend on your last minute giftChoose a quality carpet! A very nice gift that will please the interior design lovers. Rugs and curtains are often the final touch to a successful decoration. They bring a warm and cozy aspect that finishes a room. Prefer it in natural or recycled material, the jute carpets are our great favorites of the moment! I offer a carpet 

A speckled vase

In search of a small last minute gift ? For a small budget or to complete a big present, the speckled vase is on the tables of designers and interior decorators this winter! Vintage and trendy, it's an original piece that gives character to many types of decoration: the person you give it to will love it! I offer a speckled vase 

Decorative posters

You see them everywhere: decorative poster mixes! This is the ideal last minute gift if you wish to please someone who pampers his interior and who also likes to personalize it. You have a doubt about which models to select? Give them a gift card to use on the site! I offer decorative posters