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Order now, pay later with 3-installment payment!

Order now, pay later with 3-installment payment!

Make your wildest plans come true and pay in instalments.

Do you have a kitchen project in mind? Do you want to remodel an entire room? Are your windows not equipped for excellent thermal insulation? Thanks to our financial partner, you can make your project a reality by spreading out your payments!

It's the perfect way to redecorate your home, without hurting your wallet. Find out how it works in this article!

How does payment in instalments work?87082

How does payment in instalments work?

Today, when you arrive at a product or basket, the total amount (over €100 incl. VAT) can be spread over 3 months to lighten your payment burden. Here's how it works:

  1. Create your basket
  2. Advance to the payment module
  3. Select "Credit card in 3 instalments
  4. Accept the terms and conditions
  5. Click on "Checkout
  6. You land on the ALMA page to make your first of three payments.
  7. Fill in your details
  8. Enter the security code you receive by SMS

Worth knowing:

  • The first payment will validate your order for preparation and dispatch.
  • The next two payments will be made in the following 2 months.
  • With Alma, you can defer your next payments, or pay in advance.

For which projects?-87083

For which projects?

The minimum amount for 3x payment is €100 incl. VAT. You can use this payment method for medium and large-scale projects (kitchen and bathroom renovation, dressing rooms, doors, glazing equipment, etc.).

It's the ideal way to bring your heartfelt decorating and renovation projects to life, while keeping your budget in check!

A new kitchen for less than 80€ per month-87084

A new kitchen for less than €80 a month

Like Aurélie aka @lybou_home on Instagram, customize your kitchen doors to feel like a whole new room without really changing it 😉

For this project, Aurélie customized all her kitchen fronts with :

- Ultra Mat black adhesive coating (€211.79)

- Wall and furniture covering installation kit (€17.53)

For this result, she treated herself to a brand new kitchen for just €76.44 a month for 3 months 😊

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A new lease of life for that worn-out piece of furniture for €50 a month-87085

A new lease of life for that worn-out piece of furniture for €50 a month

Philippe recently sent us photos of an impressive furniture makeover. Using Luminis Films adhesive coating and a little elbow grease, he managed to give a piece of furniture a new lease of life!

For this project, Philippe used only our ULMAT-3306 midnight-blue adhesive wallcovering and furniture, as well as a squeegee.

In total, Philippe invested around 150€ with made-to-measure cut-outs. That's enough to buy a new, unique and personalized piece of furniture for €50 a month for 3 months 😉

Want to save even more? Buy by the linear metre, and do the cutting at home! You'll probably save several dozen euros.

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Large bay windows with heat-shielding film for less than €190 a month-87087

Large bay windows with heat-shielding film for less than €190 a month

Here, we see life in XXL! Guy opted for 2-in-1 heat and face film in medium silver (reference: MIXT-201x) to equip his large, sun-exposed bay windows. So he can enjoy his magnificent view and repel the sun's heat while preserving his privacy indoors!

By choosing made-to-measure films, our customer was able to equip his two imposing bay windows, each with three panes of glass, more easily. The result is splendid!

His project for these two bay windows ended up costing €550.44 incl. VAT, i.e. €183.48 per month for 3 months. Don't hesitate to ask our sales team for a quotation for your windows, or for advice on choosing the ideal film for you!

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Build your project by entering your glass dimensions in the product data sheet! If you have any doubts, or would like to know more about the installation process, please do not hesitate to contact our sales advisors.

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Five new wooden doors for less than €170 a month-87086

Five new wooden doors for less than €170 a month

Like Séverine (@home_by_kittyioz on Instagram), what if you customized your doors without changing them?

For her 5 double-sided doors, Séverine used 18 meters of light oak imitation wood adhesive coating (reference: BOIS1-2040). The textured, shaded effect gives a very natural trompe l'oeil look!

In total, this project will have cost 509€, or 170€ per month for three months. Enough to make you think, when you want to change your doors for new wooden ones! 😉

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Ultra-realistic and high-quality, our wood-effect adhesive coatings will blow you away. Don't hesitate to order free samples to compare them! Some are textured, with subtle colors and shades that add real relief. You'll appreciate the thickness and realistic feel of the grain.

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