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Image: How do I apply electrostatic film to glass?

How do I apply electrostatic film to glass?

Electrostatic film is the ideal solution for your glazing.

The main advantage of electrostatic film is its promise of easy installation.

Whether for single or double glazing, repositionable film can be used several times. You can remove it and reapply as many times as you like, until you achieve the desired result.

What's more, electrostatic repositionable film can be stored and reused later! It's an ideal solution for seasonal decorations or seasonal films(anti-heat or anti-coldfilm, for example).

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Preparing for the installation of glass film

To carry out this step, we recommend spraying withsoapy water and clean it thoroughly.

Then remove the dirt. You can use a glass scraper (included in the installation kit or available individually).

Once you've done this, wipe the glass and window frames with a paper towel. This will prevent further dirt from being tracked in when the repositionable window film is applied.

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Applying electrostatic window film

Charged with static electricity, the repositionable film needs no glue to adhere to the glass. Glass-static film can therefore be installed without difficulty.

Here's how it works:

  • Spray the glass thoroughly with clear water
  • Remove the colorless protective film
  • Position the static film on the glass. To move it, simply drag it with the water.
  • Lightly dampen the side of the repositionable film facing you to begin the marouflage.
  • Use the rubber-edged flask to avoid scratching the static film.
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To easily peel off the protective film, use 2 pieces of scotch tape stuck end-to-end in one of the corners. Place one piece of tape on the film side, the other on the backing side, assemble and pull on each side. The film will come off by itself.


Remove and store the repositionable film

As its name suggests, this electrostatic film can be removed and installed at will. When you no longer need it, you can wrap it around its support tube. Keep the box dry and free from impurities.

If you keep it in good condition, you'll be able to reapply the film in a few years' time.

This solution allows tenants to install window film and then remove it when they wish to leave their home.

Repositionable film is ideal for people who want to equip themselves for a specific moment in time, rather than on a long-term basis.

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My electrostatic film won't hold: what can I do?

Don't panic! There must have been a problem when applying the glass film. In this case, the best thing to do is to repeat the cleaning process. Be sure to spray the glass with plenty of clear water.

If, after mounting and drying, the film still doesn't hold, don't hesitate to contact our sales department. They'll be happy to advise you and give you a hand.

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Our sales team is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm non-stop; you can reach them at this number: or in the "Contact us" section.