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I need to find a way to ensure the safety of the occupants inside.

I need to find a way to ensure the safety of the occupants inside.

Against shards and splinters of broken glass

Do your employees work in a high-risk environment with glass walls? Now is the time to ensure their safety with Luminis Films! Explosions or shocks can be very serious if certain measures are not taken beforehand!


Safety film: reinforces all glazing and reduces the risk of glass breakage

For whatever reason, if the glass walls of your premises were to break, the consequences could be dramatic for your employees if you haven't equipped your windows beforehand. This is because the glazing retains the shards of glass responsible for the injury, creating a solid membrane which makes the glass more difficult to break, thus ensuring the safety of the occupants of the area concerned.

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Indoor, outdoor or both? -85622

Indoor, outdoor or both?

Thanks to its thickness and innovative composition, safety film reinforces the glazing and creates a protective membrane that holds the glass in place in the event of glass breakage. If you wish to protect people who may be present during an act of vandalism, for example, we strongly recommend that you install this safety film on the side opposite the risk of impact. For even greater security and even greater resistance and effectiveness, we obviously recommend that you install both interior and exterior safety film, especially if the risk of impact is from both sides!

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