Interior design by trend

Interior design by trend

Scandinavian, vintage, industrial, contemporary or your very own!

At Luminis Films, we don't get jealous. Whether you're into vintage or Scandinavian decor, we've got decorative adhesive coverings for every taste and trend!

Find our best suggestions by decorating style category, to achieve a harmonious look in your interior.

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Decoration vintage atmosphere-86590

Vintage decor

Bright colors and crocodile leather, a throwback to the '70s!

Let yourself be carried away by nostalgia and tempted by a vintage-style decoration to match. Textile materials are used extensively in this trend, both comfortable and original, and are the charming asset of this decorative style.

On walls or furniture, give free rein to your imagination to create a unique interior!

Discover ultra-matt white

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Scandinavian decor-86594

Scandinavian decor

Light, luminous colors, this decorating trend favors light-colored wood, usually with a fine, delicate grain. Wood lends a natural character that is much appreciated in Scandinavian style.

It's often combined with white, the essential hue for walls and furniture. For a touch of originality, pastel is also present, in pink, blue or aqua green, attracting the eye but remaining discreet.

100% Nordic, this style is one of the most popular in our homes, bringing a pleasant atmosphere to any interior.

Discover herringbone-effect wood

Our selection of Scandinavian creations 🧡

Décoration ambiance contemporain-86598

Contemporary decor

Modernity is expressed in many ways. You'll find sober colors, brighter tones and comfortable, elegant materials.

Contemporary style can be found in many interiors, from a matt black kitchen to a concrete-effect desk. Timeless, this decorative style fits so well with the times, it's become a must-have!

Discover ultra matte black

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Industrial decor-86602

Industrial decor

The industrial style assumes its raw side with materials such as wood, metal, brick or concrete. These finishes blend together to recreate theNew York loft atmosphere so popular with decorators!

With this style, the boldest choices are allowed: dare a total black wall, for example, or revamp your old desk with a concrete effect.

The perfect combo for an industrial kitchen? Wood and black! Thanks to these mixtures, you'll enjoy an authentic, original interior full of character that won't leave your guests indifferent.

Discover the gray trashwall

Our selection of Industrial🧡 projects

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