I need to limit the risk of premature skin ageing

Protecting the most vulnerable

Due to certain diseases, or simply for the most fragile people, UV rays can cause important and painful damages. It is also known to accelerate the premature ageing of the skin when it is in permanent or regular contact with UV rays.

Anti-UV film: formidable against ultraviolet rays, it is the most effective solution to ensure the well-being of the most fragile!

Luminis Films offers you a revolutionary film, which will improve everyone's comfort, thanks to its anti-UV film. Its formidable efficiency stops 99% of ultra-violet rays before they pass through the glass! With Luminis Films, don't be afraid of premature ageing of your skin!

* price per m² for the purchase of a full roll of the largest width.

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Need help choosing your UV protection film?

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  • 1Width

    The width of a roll is its width, so you cannot choose a larger size.

    If necessary, joints should be made where possible. For patterned films, these are often shown in the length of the roll (pay attention to the direction of application!)

  • 2 Type offilm

    In Luminis Films window films in plain or patterned versions, you will find adhesive finishes with very good durability, but also electrostatic finishes that can be stuck on and taken off endlessly!

    Both versions are very easy to install.

    If you want a durable solution then we recommend an adhesive film, but if you are a tenant for example, or think you might want to remove your film at certain times, then electrostatic film is for you!

    In case of removal, the adhesive film is no longer reusable, unlike the electrostatic film which can be repositioned without leaving any traces!

  • 3 Type ofinstallation

    We advise you to look carefully at the type of installation recommended on the product sheet of your film to avoid any thermal shock and to guarantee the good durability of the film over time.

Understanding the composition of UV :

Understanding the composition of UV :

Ultraviolet rays are invisible, yet they cause significant damage to health and to objects. They are concentrated and harmful in high doses and during overexposure. They also have disastrous consequences on the skin when it receives high doses of UV radiation. Premature skin ageing is inevitable! To fight against this phenomenon, choose an anti-UV film. Luminis Films anti-UV films have the particularity of being designed with a composition that blocks UV rays. In fact, the latter are instantly rejected on contact with the film and are unable to pass through the glass. Your skin is therefore protected, and you can fully enjoy the sun's rays without fearing them!
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