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Decorative frosted film with forest animal motif

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  • Product number : PERSO-ANIMAUX-FORET-FV

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  • Opacifies your glass walls for a level of privacy: good to very good
  • Preserves the brightness and visibility of your interior for a light passage: very good
  • Luminis Films Studio decorative print "forest animals" effect
  • Mixed frosted and translucent
  • Pattern for any room
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Detailed description

How about inviting nature into your home? Discover this beautiful customizable frosted glazing film featuring deer, foxes, hinds, hares and vegetation. Thanks to its interplay of light gray frosting and translucency, it's ideal for protecting your home from light glare while keeping the room bright.

Its "nature" motifs will give your glazing a warm, aesthetic touch. It can be used for both children's and communal areas! It has been designed so that it can be ordered in several parts and connected.

Choose your customizable decorative film between an adhesive version that's durable and resistant, or an electrostatic version that's easy to apply and can be removed and reapplied as often as you like! You can request the electrostatic version by quotation only.

Note that the motif is printed on a film which is presented to you with a height (width) of 150 or 118 cm and a length of up to 30m.

Successful installation : Caution: The motif only works vertically, so be sure to take the correct height and width measurements when ordering. Before applying your decorative window film, the surface to be bonded must be cleaned of all dust, stains, grease, residues, etc., to avoid bubbles, wrinkles and the risk of peeling.


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