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Polarising film for screen privacy

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  • Product number : SPY-FILM

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122 cm


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  • Allows screens to be blurred through glass
  • Enhanced privacy and security of your work and data on screen
  • Maintains the transparency of the glazing
  • Fits on any existing glazing
  • Compatible with LCD or Plasma screens
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Detailed description

Security and confidentiality in the corporate and private/public sectors is a major concern. To effectively fight against prying eyes on your screens, choose this polarizing film. Thanks to this privacy filter, you can maintain the transparency of the glass while ensuring the protection of your data on digital screens. By positioning itself directly on the glass wall concerned, it effectively protects your data from the view of all by blurring your LCD screens. Attention, if you have an Oled or Plasma screen, it is advisable to make a test before any purchase, thanks to a free sample, because the film can, not to function on it.

The visibility of the glass is maintained on both sides: only the screens are impacted by the "blackout" technology. The strong point of this innovative solution is that the transparency of the glazing is maintained and therefore the brightness of your rooms and offices is maintained.

Thanks to this feature, this film is particularly popular in meeting rooms, offices, open spaces and sensitive areas such as banks and government offices. Polarising privacy film is regularly installed on the glass walls that separate a reception area or corridor from an office. The installation of such a film may be necessary to comply with the RGPD.

It should be noted that the direction in which this polarising film is laid is crucial to taking full advantage of its properties. Depending on the type of screen you have, the result may or may not work if the film is applied vertically or horizontally. To determine the direction of application of the film, we strongly advise you to request a sample and to test the film on each screen. It is possible to double the layers of polarising film to obtain the desired effect on several types of screen in the same room.

When applying the film, it is essential to apply it to the inside of the glass in the room. Otherwise the film may not work. We also advise you not to superimpose this film with another one: decorative for example. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.

Due to its very specific composition, we recommend the following precautions for use:

  • cut the film before installation to avoid splitting it (we can make the cuts to the exact dimensions beforehand on request)
  • unroll the film 1 day before installation to avoid shape memory
  • reduce soap concentration and wet thoroughly when applying
  • use a suitable scraper to avoid scratches
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