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Static dichroic frosted film

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  • Electrostatically repositionable film
  • Visual finish with multicolor dichroic effect
  • Slightly opacifies your glass walls for maximum privacy
  • Preserves the luminosity and visibility of your interior for a passage of light: Excellent
  • Decorative film suitable for all types of glazing
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Detailed description

Change the ordinary with a dichroic and frosted film. This 2-in-1 repositionable film promises privacy and colour. Thanks to its frosted effect, it protects from prying eyes while allowing light to pass through. Thanks to its dichroic effect, this coloured film changes colour depending on the light and the viewing angle.

Ref. product : STAT156i

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* price per m² for the purchase of a full roll of the largest width.

The Luminis Films Deco brand

Luminis Films Deco

Luminis Films DECO is the brand that will enhance your interior! Whether you are looking to protect yourself from view, to cover a glass partition or to renovate your furniture: do it with style! At the cutting edge of trends, Luminis Films DECO offers you a whole range of adhesive coatings with realistic imitations. From the marble effect, through the play of textures of textile and wood prints, without forgetting the coloured matt or glossy adhesives: our creativity has no limits! You can also choose from a large selection of window films with various patterns and finishes, from the most original to the most discreet, one thing is certain, you will keep a beautiful part of brightness! Luminis Films DECO also offers you blackboard or whiteboard effect films, so that you can enjoy a beautiful creative surface: at work or at home, the ideal place to write down all your ideas and hang your prettiest photos thanks to the magnetic finish!

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Tools for easy installation

Whatever your project, the application tools and accessories offered by Luminis Films will be very useful for the success of your application! Adhesive films, electrostatic films, decorative coatings... each product has its own associated application material. Thanks to these accessories, give yourself the opportunity to apply your Luminis Films film or coating and obtain a clean and precise result by following all our application tutorials!

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  • *****

    07 mars 2023

    Very nice rendering, it makes a slightly colored light in the room

  • *****

    06 mars 2023

    Quality products, fast shipping

  • *****

    26 septembre 2021

    I love the way it looks, I see life in blue, green, pink, purple, orange and from the outside it's golden. Beautiful result

  • *****

    01 avril 2021

    Good product
    To be recommended

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