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Silver reflective one-way mirror film and security

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  • 2 in 1 mirror combination film
  • Allows you to see without being seen thanks to its one-way mirror finish
  • Modern silver metallic finish 120 microns
  • Degree of glass reinforcement: good
  • Ideal for sensitive areas and meets the 12600 standard with class 2B2
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Detailed description

This adhesive window film is a combination of a classic one-way mirror and a 120 micron security film. It is the perfect solution to your problems of securing glass surfaces and faces.

Increase the strength of glass with safety glazing film. Thanks to a specially developed adhesive, safety glazing films absorb the energy created by the impact of an object or the shock wave from an explosion. It is the essential film for protection against break-ins or natural disasters.

The risk of glass breakage is greatly reduced. If the glass does break, an invisible and resistant membrane holds the broken pieces of glass. The glass will starburst but will remain in place, thus preserving the safety of people and equipment. This glazing film meets the highest safety standards. Its fire rating is due to the fact that the film burns without creating or spreading flames. It will also prevent the fitted glass from shattering under high temperatures.

The one-way mirror window film will allow you to change a perfectly mirrored window on one side while keeping the visibility on the other side. It will allow you to protect yourself from prying eyes without losing visibility and brightness. So you can see while being invisible. The one-way mirror film plays on the phenomenon of light balancing: in reaction to stronger light, the film becomes a reflective screen. It reflects the image on one side like a mirror while maintaining the transparency of the glass on the other side. It therefore allows you to see without being seen.

This one-way mirror and safety film also has the particularity of not losing its transparency or visibility even after years of exposure to the sun's rays thanks to its anti-UV treatment.

Durability: 15 to 20 years for vertical application in Central Europe.

Important notes: For a better view of the films, please contact us for a free sample. It is important to keep in mind that the mirror effect appears on the brighter side. At night, if your interior is lit, it is on the inside that the glass will have the mirror effect and from the outside, the visibility towards the inside will be normal. The surface to be glued should be free of dust, grease or any other contaminant. Some materials such as polycarbonate can cause bubbling problems. A compatibility test is therefore recommended.

Référence produit : SECUR131i

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    21 mai 2021

    Ras very good product and easy to install

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    03 juillet 2020

    Suitable for our expectations and visual comfort

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    02 avril 2019

    Easy to install with assembly instructions

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    17 janvier 2019

    Very good
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