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Ultra-matt grey decorative adhesive

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  • Product number : ULMAT-3303

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122 cm


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  • Adhesive coating with an ultramatte grey finish
  • Smooth touch texture for a pleasant appearance
  • Ideal for a contemporary style of decoration
  • Excellent alternative to paint
  • Allows you to personalise your furniture and walls with high scratch resistance
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Detailed description

Want to customise your walls or furniture? Choose this mouse grey decorative adhesive for its simplicity and its beautiful modern and timeless shade!

By opting for this mouse-grey decorative coating, you offer yourself the luxury of renovating at a lower cost, without constraints, noise or odours!

You will also be charmed by the satin finish of this beautiful mouse grey decorative adhesive and its velvety appearance which is very pleasant to the touch.

This range of ultramat decorative adhesive coatings is renowned for its superb velvety finish, ultramatte to the eye and, above all, for its excellent scratch resistance!

Please note that this ultramatte coating is not thermoformable due to its finish, so it is recommended to apply it on flat surfaces.

The application of this decorative adhesive is quick and easy thanks to the "Airflow" technology, otherwise known as "honeycomb glue", which prevents the formation of bubbles and folds thanks to the micro-channels present on the adhesive part, for an exceptional result!

Durability: 10 years in interior installation (anti-cracking, flaking, delamination and yellowing)

In order to get a feel for the quality and the real look, we advise you to request a free sample.

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