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Wooden blocks with coloured dots

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Decorative covering imitating wooden strips

Cut to size

120 cm


The more I buy, the cheaper it gets:

  • 2 ml
  • 6 ml
  • 16 ml
  • 30 ml
  • 50 ml


  • High definition printing adhesive coating
  • Very slightly raised touch
  • Medium wood look in trompe l'oeil
  • Ideal for Scandinavian or Bohemian style decoration
  • Excellent alternative to paint to personalise your furniture and walls
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Detailed description

Incredible trompe l'oeil effect, this ultra-trendy wooden strip pattern will immediately find its place in your interior! Behind a TV cabinet, as a headboard, to cover a cupboard door, to delimit a space... The possibilities are numerous for this decorative wood strip adhesive.

You will appreciate the medium brown colour of the wood, the fine veining and the overall harmony of the pattern, as well as the work around the shadows which creates a surprisingly realistic relief, just like the dark background which makes the slats stand out even more.

The width of a strip is approximately 2.3 cm, the shadow 0.5 cm and the distance between each strip 1.2 cm. This adhesive has excellent resistance to water, dirt, abrasion and UV light. However, care must be taken with the surface printing (avoid rubbing, sharp objects etc.).

Eléonore's word: A very realistic trompe l'oeil effect that offers the relief of strips and the warmth of wood without any DIY. That's the promise of the cleat effect adhesive. Ideal for those who are not so handy, this adhesive allows you to dress up walls, doors or cupboards without effort or to delimit the spaces in a room: create a headboard, a cosy corner, an entrance hall, etc. in a snap!

Durability: 10 years for the carrier film and 5 to 8 years for the print on the film (attention to maintenance)

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The My Entire Roof brand

My Whole Roof

"I'm Eléonore, a homestaging specialist and blogger with a passion for the world of decorating and DIY. From homestaging services, to leading DIY workshops, to sharing decorating or renovation tutorials, I share my achievements on my blog and invite you to follow my DIY and decorating adventures on Instagram." Discover a range of 6 exclusive 100% decorative coverings, created and imagined with Eléonore! You probably know her thanks to her good ideas and DIY DIY and decorating on social networks, so you won't be surprised by the beauty of these 6 references of decorative adhesives: rattan, cleats, light and dark trashwall, grey travertine and beige travertine. Which one will you fall for?

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Whatever your project, the application tools and accessories offered by Luminis Films will be very useful for the success of your application! Adhesive films, electrostatic films, decorative coatings... each product has its own associated application material. Thanks to these accessories, give yourself the opportunity to apply your Luminis Films film or coating and obtain a clean and precise result by following all our application tutorials!

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  • *****

    06 juin 2023

    Entrance door cladding

  • *****

    24 février 2023

    Quality of the paper cut to the desired length
    Really very satisfied

  • *****

    02 septembre 2022

    Very good quality, striking effect and very easy to install

  • *****

    14 mai 2023

    I can't give an opinion since I didn't receive my order and I don't have any information about the delivery date

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