How to comply with the ELAN law in our buildings?

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In 2018, the Senate passed the ELAN law, which aims to significantly reduce the energy consumption of buildings in the tertiary sector and energy renovation. Luminis Films now supports you in this change and in improving your consumption thanks to its innovative and efficient products.

The objectives of the ELAN law in the tertiary sector :

First of all, the reference year must be taken into account. Indeed, for the buildings concerned: in the tertiary sector with a surface area of more than 1,000m², put into service before 1 January 2011, a reduction in energy consumption of 40%, 50% in 2040 and 60% in 2050 must be envisaged by 2030, compared to the reference year which is 2010.
This law is applicable to buildings in the tertiary sector such as premises, offices, workshops, companies, etc. If your building was commissioned after 2011, then you will have to comply with the energy consumption level for new buildings in your category.
You will be able to calculate your final consumption for the year and obtain a certificate by making an annual declaration on the government's platform before 30 September of each year.

Effective actions to be implemented :

The building sector emits almost a quarter of the national greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore becoming urgent to implement sustainable actions to enable the tertiary sector to improve its carbon footprint and limit its energy expenditure as much as possible. You can act on 4 axes:
- Adaptation of premises and occupant behaviour
- The way buildings are operated
- Installation of efficient equipment and active management systems
- The energy performance of the building

It is on this last axis that you can act because Luminis Films offers you a selection of efficient and sustainable products! Indeed, thanks to our selection of anti-heat filmsThanks to our selection of products, you can directly reduce your energy consumption, especially as you will no longer need air conditioning. Our range includes various references, from average to excellent efficiency, our films are to be installed on your windows, in adhesive or electrostatic version, and allow to reduce up to 90% of solar energy! In addition to saving money, you will directly act on your energy expenses within the framework of the ELAN law.
We also offer anti-cold filmsWe also offer a range of solar panels, which are particularly useful in winter. Their composition will allow you to increase the efficiency of your glazing with an average of -30% heat loss: a great saving on heating!
Would you like more information or advice on the ELAN Act? Don't hesitate to contact one of our advisors by phone, they will be able to guide you according to your needs.

Start your energy transition now with Luminis Films!