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How can I improve my window insulation?

How can I improve my window insulation?

To insulate your glazing from extreme temperatures, follow our advice.

In line with new construction standards, glass surfaces are an important part of our buildings. They provide more light and comfort for occupants. However, glazing is also the least insulating wall in a building. Luminis Films offers you various opportunities toimprove the insulating power of your windows.

Insulate a window from the cold with anti-cold film-86994

Insulate a window from the cold with anti-cold film

In winter, in our homes or business premises, heat escapes mainly through the windows. As a result, your heating bills rise. To improve the insulation of your windows quickly, the best solution is anti-cold window film. These films can reduce heat loss by up to 33%.

By vacuum-spraying aluminum, the insulating film reflects some of the heat inwards, so that it stays in the room and doesn't escape. Installing a simple anti-cold film can save a few degrees without increasing your heating costs. Thermal insulation films also reduce the sensation of a "cold wall".

Insulating window film is a more economical solution than replacing glass. It's also the quickest and easiest solution, because anyone can install anti-cold film.

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Limit heat loss through windows with anti-cold film.

Insulate your windows against heat with anti-heat film-86995

Insulate your glazing against heat with anti-heat film

Overheating in our buildings is often a source of discomfort. Anti-heat solar protection film improves the energy performance of all types of glass. Thanks to the deposition of precious metal particles, the solar protection film rejects up to 90% of solar energy. This anti-heat film for glass lets you control the temperature of your interior by filtering out the sun's rays before they enter the room.

Thermal window film helps you save energy. Installing anti-heat solar film on your windows reduces the need for air conditioning, and therefore your electricity bill.

Anti-heat window film is the simplest, most effective and economical solution. The application of a simple adhesive to your windows reduces excessive heat by allowing light to pass through, while preserving the transparency of the glazing.

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