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Install your own glazing films: anti-heat, opacifying, ...

How do I apply window film?

How do I apply window film?

To install your anti-heat, anti-visitor or anti-intrusion films!

Self-adhesive window films are an indispensable ally in protecting our indoor environment from summer heat, privacy and intruders. Practical and economical, they represent an effective alternative solution. Our anti-heat films can replace the need for air conditioning, and our two-way mirror films can replace curtains during the day, for example. You can even add a decorative touch to dress up your interior with decorative adhesive films

Would you like to fit your windows with self-adhesive films, but don't know how to do it?

Congratulations, you've come to the right place!

We explain the essential steps for successfully applying window film yourself. Here we go ;)


How do I apply window film?


Check installation conditions

In order to install your window film, certain conditions must be met:

  • Make sure the temperature is at room temperature (ideally between 15 and 25 degrees).

Too cold an environment can cause the soapy water on the glass to freeze;

Too hot an environment can cause soap water to evaporate too quickly.

In both cases, this will have a negative impact on the installation of your film!

  • Beware of the wind: Especially if you apply a anti-heat film for exterior glazing, for example: make sure your film doesn't blow away in a gust of wind ;)

  • For large windows, 2 people are required: We strongly recommend two people for windows larger than 1.2m². One to hold the film, the other to tamp it down!

Prepare your equipment

A few simple accessories are required for installation. You'll need :

Don't have one at home? No problem ;) You can order our window film installation kit on our website.

We recommend 2 tablespoons of soap solution per 0.5L of water.


Cleaning your glass: the crucial step!

For a successful installation, the most important thing is to thoroughly clean your glazing and window frames. This step is essential, as it removes any impurities that could cause bubbles or imperfections during installation. 

To do this:

  • Bring your soapy water solution, scraper and squeegee.
  • Thoroughly wipe the glass and frame with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Finally, check that your glazing is clean.

The aim is for the glass to be smooth, clean and free of impurities.

Did you know? Window corners and frames are essential: even if the glass is clean, a few drops of soapy solution can drip down and draw out impurities from the frame.

So that you don't have to start all over again, remember to clean everything up ;)


Prepare your self-adhesive window film

Before starting installation, open your carton, unroll the film and place it on a flat surface close to the glass (larger than the film).

Caution: Place the film with the protective film facing you (red marking sticker facing you)!

Prepare your self-adhesive window film-85852

All films are fitted with a colorless or cardboard liner. Anti-fog films are available on both sides.


Place the window film on its holder

For this step, moisten the glass with soapy water. This will enable the film to slide more easily over the substrate, making it easier to position. Moisten 100% of the surface!

Next, moisten your fingers and separate the liner from the film.

While removing the liner, spray the adhesive side with plenty of soapy water.

Finally, position the film starting from the top, and apply the wet side of the film to the still-wet glazing. 

Did you know? Soapy water has the power to cancel out the glue's sticky effect; the time it takes to apply your adhesive film. It will regain its adhesive properties as soon as the glue evaporates 😊 Hence the importance of ambient temperature during installation!

To easily separate the protective liner from the film, use 2 pieces of tape placed at an angle opposite each other to separate the two parts.


Finish applying the window film

Your glass is clean, your film is well moistened and well positioned on its support - well done!

All that's left is to press the film down with your trowel, from the center outwards, to push out the bubbles and ensure good adhesion.

If a few millimetres of film remain around the glass, don't hesitate to re-cut the excess using the maroufle and cutter.

Finally, wrap a paper towel around the maroufle and press down one last time to absorb the water.

And now you're a pro at applying self-adhesive window film 😊

Share your achievements with us; there's €100 on offer for the best photo!

More info on this link!