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Install your own glazing films: anti-heat, opacifying, ...

permanent competition image d'entete

Send us a photo of your and try to win a gift card!

You have placed an order with Luminis Films and your project is finished? Whether it is whether it's window film or decorative coating, send us your photos and the best achievement will be rewarded with a voucher! will be rewarded with a voucher!

100€ offered for the most beautiful photo!

To participate it is very simple

All you have to do is take a nice picture of your achievement and share it with us. and share it with us!

kitchen before=after filming

Win a €100 voucher

Has your photo been selected by our team? You win a €100 voucher to on the websites of the JAM DIFUS group: Luminis Films. com , Variance, Variance

100 euro voucher

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Rules of the competition

The competition is open to all private customers of Luminis Films, who have placed at least one order on our website:

Each product purchased can only be entered into the competition once.

An order comprising several products may be the subject of as many entries as there are different products. different products.

Your participation in the competition will be taken into account for the draw of the month following your month following your submission of the photos and not for the month in which you placed the order.

There is no time limit to participate. You are perfectly entitled to participate months after you have placed your order, giving you the time you need to finalise your film or adhesive coating.

The winner of the competition will be chosen each month from among all the valid photos received during the current month. month.

One entry/photo can only win one prize at a time.

The prize to be won is a JAM DIFUS gift card valid on the websites:, and, worth €100.00 for a period of one year, for the photo that has caught the eye of our team. for the photo that has caught our team's attention.

The information required for an entry to be considered valid is valid are the following: First and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, order number and at least one photo of the product purchased on the www.luminis-films.comwebsite.

Personal information is collected and used for the purpose of organising this competition and contact the participants and winners if necessary. The information collected will not be reused for re-used for commercial purposes.

The monthly winners will be contacted by email or telephone to inform them of the result of the competition and to collect their contact details to send them their award by post. and to collect the contact details needed to send them their award by post. by post.

The dispatch of the prize will not be subject to any time limit for dispatch and will not be subject to any be subject to any dispute or claim regarding the time of dispatch/receipt.

Any participation in this competition implies full acceptance of the present rules and regulations as well as the conditions of authorisation and transfer of image rights stipulated below.

Authorisations - Transfers

Each participant agrees that his or her photos may be distributed and reused by Jam Difus, the exclusive owner of Luminis Films, on all of its its Internet supports:

  • JAM DIFUS websites (Luminis Films - Variance Auto);
  • the social networks of the JAM DIFUS sites.

Each Participant assigns, free of charge and exclusively, to Jam Difus the rights to his or her photo, without reproduction, representation and adaptation, by any means of communication whatsoever and without and without limitation as to the number of reproductions, representations and adaptations and in particular, but without this being restrictive, for the purposes of its use by Jam Difus, for the purpose of advertising and promoting its activities, products and services, as well as in the context of its marketing, internal and external communication operations worldwide, for the legal duration of the protection of the legal duration of copyright protection.

This transfer entails for Jam Difus, in particular but not exclusively, the right to use the photos by any means of communication photos by any means of communication whatsoever, for the purposes of communication and/or advertising communication, in particular for promotion, communication or promotional events, without this being promotional events, without this being limitative; on all media, without this use giving rise to any may give rise to any consideration.

This transfer entails the right for Jam Difus to make any modification, addition or deletion to the photos that it deems useful, without being able to claim any compensation, deletion, that it deems useful, without it being able to be asked for any compensation in any form whatsoever, which the in any form whatsoever, which the Participant hereby accepts.

In any case, Jam Difus remains entirely free to use or not to use the photos in the of the competition.

Each Participant undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations in force, to respect the rights rights of third parties and the provisions of these rules. In this respect, he/she undertakes to behave in a fair manner and in particular to acknowledge and guarantee that he/she is the sole author of the photo or, failing that to hold the rights to the photo.

In this respect, the Participants guarantee that they have obtained written authorisation from the persons represented in the photos for the purpose of using their image, allowing them to commit themselves under the terms of these rules.

In this respect, the Participants undertake to justify in writing to Jam Difus and to provide it, at the latter's first request, with a copy of all written documents justifying the said authorisations. first request, a copy of all the written documents justifying the said authorisations.

The Participants authorize the publication of their first and last names and, if applicable, their prize by Jam Difus in any communication by Jam Difus in the context of any communication operation relating to the Competition, in any medium medium for an indefinite period of time, without the latter being able to demand any consideration unless they renounce the benefit of their prize.