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Image: Léna aka @blondie_house creates her back-to-school office corner

Léna aka @blondie_house creates her back-to-school office corner

To organize and create, Léna opts for the slate board

It's back to school, time to get organized and get back to work or school! Léna, aka @blondie_house on Instagram, chose Luminis Films and its chalkboard-effect covering to customize her new office corner. We show you all about it in this article!

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Image : Like Léna, create your own XXL slate board for less than 50€-86905

Like Léna, create your own XXL slate board for less than 50€.

For this idea, Léna used TB-3914 magnet-receptive self-adhesive slate film. Its rectangular size of 124 cm x 50 cm gives a real "chalkboard" effect, just like at school. It can also be used to delimit office space 😉

There are several options regarding the shape of the adhesive you want.

You can order by shape, as Léna did by setting the cutout to "Rectangle".

Many other shapes are possible: Arch, Door, Round, Half-round, etc.

Alternatively, you can order by the linear meter and cut the shape yourself. The material makes it easy to cut the covering with a cutter or chisel.

For the installation, Léna usedisopropyl alcohol to thoroughly clean the surface before laying. She then used a squeegee to press the covering against the wall for a long-lasting bond. If you've never installed an adhesive covering before, take a look at our installation tips and tutorials and order an installation kit!

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For a vintage, modern, magnetic or repositionable effect... The choice is yours 🤩

Image : The advantages of a classic erasable board, without the disadvantages-86904

The advantages of a classic erasable board, without the drawbacks

Erasable board coverings are the must-have back-to-school item. Practical and quick to install, it's the easy way to create a creative space at home or in the office.

The advantages are the same as with a conventional board: it's easy to use, practical and creative. Plus, it's much thinner, so it takes up less space. 👍 And don't limit yourself to the rectangle shape: create your own!

There are many possible uses: jotting down memos, leaving notes, helping children with homework, drawing, explaining, creating...

A wide range of types and colors of erasable chalkboard-effect adhesive coatings is available to suit all tastes. You'll find Velleda-type boards, black, green or gray slate boards, as well as magnetic board variants.

Take a look around, and feel free to order free samples to test the product! You can request a sample by ticking the "Request a sample" box under the photo on the product page.

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