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Install your own glazing films: anti-heat, opacifying, ...

New restaurant owner: a place that reflects your image

New restaurant owner: a place that reflects your image

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Have you just bought an existing or new restaurant? If so, it's imperative that you add your own personal touch, so that the place reflects your image and atmosphere. It's important for you to make your mark on your customers and potential customers, and that's going to be mainly through your cuisine, of course, but also to a large extent through the location, decoration and atmosphere of your restaurant.


Decorative cladding: a quick and effective solution for redecorating your restaurant.

After acquiring your brand-new restaurant, you want to give it a facelift and redecorate it in your image so that your customers appreciate your concept?

But you don't have an unlimited budget, and you probably want to reuse what's already there as much as possible, so you don't have to spend too much, while at the same time finding an attractive, long-lasting solution so you don't have to redecorate every year. Discover decorative cladding without delay! This is the material you need to dress your tables, counters, walls...

It's easy to install anywhere, as long as the surface is smooth and non-porous. Washable and waterproof, its durability of up to 10 years gives you peace of mind every day! Your customers will be pleasantly surprised by your new restaurant decor, thanks to adhesives with ultra-realistic textured finishes. Wood, marble, fabric, leather, concrete... All these noble and warm materials will find their place in your restaurant, so don't wait any longer to renovate and redecorate your furniture!

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Personalized printing, the best way to communicate!-85693

Personalized printing, the best way to communicate!

What better way to get the word out about your restaurant than with personalized printing? Fresh, local products, short circuits, vegetarian dishes, logo, opening hours, etc... these are all important elements that you can highlight by choosing, for example, a print for your window if you have one, or a personalized wall sticker. 


Panoramic wallpaper, a real eye-catcher that will keep your customers coming back for more!

Wallpaper is back in fashion, and not just in the home! As you may have noticed, this decorative covering is now also found in businesses and premises such as real estate agencies, boutiques, offices, hotels...

Why not take the plunge and apply it to your new restaurant? Highly original, it will completely change the atmosphere and add a unique decorative touch that will make a lasting impression on your customers! Mixed with color and noble materials, our panoramic wallpapers offer a unique decor. You'll be able to choose a made-to-measure wallpaper, so why miss out?

It's important to remember that visual appeal, and therefore aesthetics, are very important to customers, whatever the location. So don't wait any longer to offer them a place that reflects your image and that they won't soon forget, thanks to your restaurant decor

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