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VO122 - 1/2 liter sprayer (empty) for soap and water solution



  • Ideal for soapy water
  • Better distribution
  • Easy to use
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Detailed description

For the application of glued or electrostatic glazing films, it is necessary to wet the film and the glass beforehand.

Applying soapy water to the substrate and the film temporarily neutralises the adhesive in the film, making it easier to place and apply the film.

When you squeegee the water out, the glue will come back and the film will stick to your car window.

The 500 ml spray bottle makes it easier to wet your car window and the adhesive side of your tinted or safety film.

Trigger with adjustable nozzle for one-sided wetting of the window film
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Whatever your project, the application tools and accessories offered by Luminis Films will be very useful for the success of your application! Adhesive films, electrostatic films, decorative coatings... each product has its own associated application material. Thanks to these accessories, give yourself the opportunity to apply your Luminis Films film or coating and obtain a clean and precise result by following all our application tutorials!

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  • *****

    11 juin 2019

    Good but empties out quickly - a bit bigger would be better

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