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VS203 - Mini Scraper to remove all impurities

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  • Product number : VS203


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  • Perfect cleaning
  • Use on windows
  • Removes impurities
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Detailed description

Mini Scrapper window scraper

  • width: 4 cm
  • window scraper with safety mechanism
  • This mini scraper uses a standard razor blade mounted in a robust plastic holder. This scraper is ideal for removing stickers and paint from glass.
  • It can also be used to remove old films or adhesive residues
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  • *****

    16 août 2021

    I chose these products because I didn't own any and I found them very useful and I'm sure I will use them again. I have no regrets about buying them and by getting them from you I am sure I have the right tools.
    Thank you

  • *****

    31 juillet 2021

    Top also ideal for the installation

  • *****

    02 juillet 2021

    Satisfied with the result. I recommend the site.

  • *****

    09 août 2020

    Scraper: good material for this purpose

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