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Decorative film with frosted strips

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  • Product number : DECO-505i

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  • Slightly opacifies your glass walls for a level of privacy: very good
  • Preserves the brightness and visibility of your interior for an excellent light passage
  • Finished with 4 cm thick frosted strips
  • Easy to install with soapy water for everyone
  • Exceptional product durability of up to 20 years
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Detailed description

This adhesive window film is made up of horizontal lines along the length. The frosted strips are quite wide and allow you to have a reduction of the view. The strips are 44 mm thick and are spaced 10 mm apart. The strips run the length of the film, i.e. up to 30 metres long.

This decorative glazing film is perfect for privacy as it is (almost) completely frosted and therefore cannot be seen through. It still allows light to pass through. The strips give a very modern effect.
It allows you to change your decoration and remove the vis à vis at a lower cost because the film avoids you to change the glazing completely.

Window films are designed for use on all glass surfaces. Patterned films are not only decorative, but also privacy-friendly. They are ideal to complete your interior decoration easily and quickly at low cost. These are self-adhesive films. Whether you are looking for privacy or to protect your home from prying eyes, it is the ideal solution to block out the view while letting in the light.
The design and layout of the places we live and work have a huge influence on our motivation and efficiency. This decorative film can transform the atmosphere of a room to make it more attractive and comfortable.

- Personalizes the glazing
- Preserves privacy
- Excellent light reproduction
- Anti-scratch treatment
- Quick to install
- Maintenance free
- Easy to remove

Durability: 10 years for vertical application in Central Europe indoors.

Important notes: For a better overview of the films please contact us for a free sample.
The surface to be bonded must be free of dust, grease or any other contaminant. Some materials such as polycarbonate can cause bubbling problems. A compatibility test is therefore recommended.

Référence produit : DECO505i

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The Luminis Films Deco brand

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  • *****

    02 novembre 2023

    Difficulty separating film from protection. Masking a screw.

  • *****

    20 mai 2023

    Fast ..very good .

  • *****

    07 mars 2023

    Perfect excellent quality, easy to install.perfect.and sensational delivery time.

  • *****

    05 mars 2023

    Perfect, thank you

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