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3M Ultra S800 multi-layer safety film, interior

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  • Product number : 3M-ULTRA-S800

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  • 36-layer film for enhanced safety
  • High impact and shock resistance
  • Barrier against vandalism: breakage, glass breakage, burglary, etc.
  • Limits scratches and other wear
  • Indoor installation suitable for all types of glazing
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Detailed description

Ultra S800 security film uses co-extruded multi-layer technology to provide superior resistance to tearing, puncturing and tear propagation compared to traditional films.

Applying 3M Ultra S800 safety film gives your glass panes greater resistance to impact and shattering. For building occupants and passers-by: greater safety, protection against the risk of injury from broken glass, protection against vandalism and burglary. The 3M security film consists of layers of transparent film and polyester, forming a scratch-resistant, weatherproof coating with a strong acrylic adhesive. Combine with 3M™ Impact Protection Fastening Systems for additional protection and security.

The 3M multi-layer safety film allows you to reinforce your windows without changing their appearance from the inside or outside because it is completely transparent.

    The installation of 3M S800 safety film is recommended for :
  • reduce the likelihood of glass shards becoming projectiles
  • prevent and deter criminal intrusion
  • to make the strength of the glazing as secure as that of toughened glass
  • preserve the building envelope
  • prevent glass splinters

The manufacturer 3M Ultra S800 film offers a durability of 15 years for indoor application.


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  • Glass reinforcement
  • Safety standard
  • Single glazing
  • Double-glazed (less than 1.2m²)
  • Double-glazing (over 1.2m²)
  • Synthetic glazing (polycarbonate type)
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The 3m brand


The world-renowned brand now offers a unique customer experience where product quality and development are at the centre of attention. Innovation and design are at the heart of 3M's strategy to offer ever more unique and attractive products. Thanks to their know-how, they are now developing efficient and effective films for windows against the inconveniences and problems of everyday life. In terms of aesthetics, 3M offers modern and original decorative patterns. They are available in several styles so that everyone can find inspiration and happiness according to their taste in decoration.

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