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Install your own glazing films: anti-heat, opacifying, ...

Caroline (@BeauteActive) equips herself with Luminis Films one-way mirror film and heat shield

Adopt the style of... July 22, 2022 2022-07-22T08:00:00+08:00
Window film

In her latest YouTube video, Caroline reveals her new favorite solution to protect herself from prying eyes in her bathroom: the 2-in-1 one-way mirror and heat protection film. A DIY enthusiast, she chose to install her window films herself. Discover her experience with us.

Today, we give you an appointment at Caroline (@beauteactive)She is a young woman, mother of 2 children, passionate about fashion, travels but also decoration. She recently moved to a beautiful villa in Spain. Problem: she is looking for a solution to protect herself from the vis-à-vis in her bathroom. Indeed, the window of her bathroom gives directly on her terrace. For more privacy and comfort, she opted for a solar film and one-way mirror. His choice was the film MIXTplus-242x which is effective against the far side.

The application of one-way mirror film and heat shield with Caroline

Always ready to do the small jobs in her house herself. Caroline takes us with her from the top of her stepladder to realize the installation of the window film. Like many of us, this is her first time installing a one-way mirror film. Armed with her sprayer and squeegee, and with the help of her friend, she shares with us the few steps to a successful installation. 
Caroline took the opportunity to give us some advice. She chose to take the films cut to the exact dimensions: time saving and simple! 

The result on the bathroom window

The very natural rendering, brings to the interior of the bathroom a pleasant and warm shade. Note however that the principle of one-way mirror works only during the day and not at night with the light on!