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How can I ensure screen confidentiality at home or at work?

How can I ensure screen confidentiality at home or at work?

Protect my employees' work and data

Is the security of your data and your staff's work at the heart of your concerns? Yes, but many of your premises are glazed, and prying eyes are hard to deal with! One of a kind, discover one of the most innovative films from Luminis Films that will ensure the confidentiality of your screens.


Polarizing film: an intelligent film that combines transparency and screen blurring.

Applied to the glass wall behind a desk, for example, this polarizing film has the particularity of blurring the screens located there. In fact, when someone passes in the corridor and looks at the screen through the glass, all they'll see is a sort of black blur: a clever way of ensuring screen confidentiality!

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Blackout effect on a screen: -85652

The Blackout effect on a screen:

At first glance, polarizing film is quite simple and looks just like transparent film. However, it has the power to create a "blackout" effect on your screens. In fact, it's the way it's positioned that creates the blackout effect. Wrongly positioned, you won't see anything special, but properly applied, this film will turn your data into a total black screen for anyone looking through the glass behind you.

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