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How to reduce glare?

How to reduce glare?

Handy when you don't have sunglasses!

In summer, when the sun beats down hard on our windows, the reflections are often blinding, which can quickly become a nuisance in everyday life. The aim? Reduce glare, so you don't have to arm yourself with sunglasses every time you want to take a peek at the glass!


Anti-heat film: a combined film that is effective against heat and significantly reduces glare.

Some of our anti-heat films feature an anti-glare finish. In other words, the film's tint and composition play a major role in blocking the sun's reflections, so you can enjoy everyday comfort without having to suffer the sun's glare!

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The glare phenomenon : -85658

The glare phenomenon :

To be effective, the anti-glare film you apply to your glazing must be dark tinted and allow less than 10% light transmission. This will greatly reduce the glare effect! This will undoubtedly enhance the comfort and well-being of your guests or staff, creating a pleasant, eye-friendly environment.

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