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Image : How to limit the risk of premature skin ageing?

How can you limit the risk of premature skin ageing?

Protecting the most vulnerable

For certain diseases, or simply for the most fragile people, UV rays can cause significant and painful damage. They are also known to accelerate premature skin ageing, when the skin is in permanent or regular contact with UV rays.


Anti-UV film: formidable against ultraviolet rays, it's the most effective solution for ensuring the well-being of even the most fragile!

Luminis Films has come up with a revolutionary film that will improve everyone's comfort, thanks to its anti-UV film. Its fearsome effectiveness stops 99% of ultra-violet rays before they pass through the glass! With Luminis Films, don't worry about premature skin aging!

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Image : Understanding the composition of UV : -85583

Understanding the composition of UV :

Ultraviolet rays are invisible, yet they cause considerable damage to both health and objects. They are concentrated and harmful in high doses and when overexposed. They also have disastrous consequences for the skin, when it receives high doses of UV rays. Premature aging of the skin is inevitable! To combat this phenomenon, choose an anti-UV film. Luminis Films anti-UV films are unique in that their composition blocks UV rays. UV rays are instantly rejected on contact with the film, preventing them from passing through the glass. So your skin is protected, and you can enjoy the sun's rays without fear!

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