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Install your own glazing films: anti-heat, opacifying, ...

Image: Luminis Films' CSR commitments

Luminis Films' CSR commitments

Our actions to respect our environment.

We're committed to offering you the most economical and eco-friendly solutions for your interiors.

Whether decorating or renovating, we strive year after year to develop our offer in line with our values and commitments.

Certified products, waste sorting, eco-friendly inks... find out more about Luminis Films' commitments in the articles below.

Image: Luminis Films in the service of the environment-86617

Luminis Films at the service of the environment

Thanks to the products offered by our company, Luminis Films is a real alternative for reducing energy consumption.

Anti-heat and insulating solutions are good examples of how we can reduce our consumption of air conditioning and heating.

In addition to this energy aspect, we are firmly convinced that reuse is the future: let's give new life to our old furniture and objects!

With adhesive coatings, renovate your objects and give your home a second life 🥰 No need to throw anything away!

Internally too, every little action counts: Recycling waste, using eco-friendly inks, saving energy and paper are all part of the team's daily routine.

Image : Luminis Films, a socially responsible company-86618

Luminis Films, a socially responsible company

Luminis Films pays particular attention to the well-being of its employees, through several small everyday actions:

  • Pleasant, bright, fully-equipped premises
  • A teleworking policy
  • Negotiated bonuses and benefits for employees
  • A policy of proximity and teamwork, which creates a dynamic, productive, happy and collaborative atmosphere.

And the satisfaction of our employees is reflected in the well-being we want to offer our customers:

  • Responsive, attentive customer service
  • Simple, effective and innovative solutions to improve life in our homes
Image : Luminis Films, part of a local economy-86619

Luminis Films, a player in the local economy

For more than 25 years, Luminis Films has maintained its unique know-how to offer useful, high-quality products for home and professional use.

Michel Labalme, the company's founder, decided from the outset to locate his workshops and studio in France, in the Ain region (01) near Lyon. Design, cutting, thermoforming and logistics are all carried out on our premises in Villars-les-Dombes, to control the manufacturing process and delivery of our finished product.

All of this represents choices: we don't rely on ultra-competitive pricing, but on quality, responsive service and multiple in-house skills.

This strategy is in our DNA and enables us to be available, responsive and always satisfy our customers.

Image: Law ELAN-86616


In 2018, the Senate passed the ELAN law, which aims, in the tertiary sector and energy renovation, to significantly reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

Luminis Films can now help you make this change and improve your energy consumption thanks to its innovative and efficient products.

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