Marble worktop with adhesive

Guide February 09, 2023 2023-02-09T08:00:00+08:00
Adhesive coating

You are in the middle of renovating your kitchen and you dream of offering you a marble worktop. Except that between the exorbitant price and the lack of practicality because very heavy and cumbersome, you turned to another alternative: the adhesive marble effect. Ultra realistic, you only need a few minutes and a good blow of the hammer to offer you a great marble worktop.

Adhesive marble worktop

Step 1: Cleaning

The cleaning step is an essential step in the success of your marble adhesive worktop. Indeed, if it is not done properly, there is a good chance that themarble adhesive will not hold well or will bubble! To be sure to succeed in your cleaning, we advise you to first clean with a sponge and soapy water and then finish by spraying with isopropyl alcohol and wiping with a clean and dry towel. Don't forget to insist on the corners like around the sink.

Step 2 : cutting

To make your life easier, you can choose to have the adhesive cut to size, or choose to order your marble worktop in linear meters to pay a little less. In all cases, you will need to measure the length of the initial worktop and add 20cm and take the depth measurement to add 10cm. These extra measurements will allow you more ease in the application and will ensure no error in the measurement. Once your rectangle is cut, you can begin the installation of your adhesive marble worktop

Step 3 : the marouflage

Start by peeling off the liner on about 10cm then place it face down on the work surface. You will then need to roll the liner with a squeegee with a deutrin tip, little by little, from the center to the outside to avoid bubbles. Unroll the roll of adhesive gradually, removing the liner while pressing firmly.

Step 4: Cutting around the sink

Once you have reached the edge of the sink, mark the corners to make a rough cut. For this tricky step, we invite you to watch the marble worktop installation video on our Youtube channel Luminis Films by clicking here.

Step 5: the angles

To achieve your corners is very simple, just cut the excess and fold the other side over for a clean and precise result. To visualize this step, you can also watch the video tutorial for a successful marble worktop with adhesive.

Step 6 : the finishing touches

We strongly advise you to finish the installation of your marble effect adhesive by applying a silicone seal all around the sink. This will not only perfect the aesthetic effect but also increase the durability of the adhesive and facilitate cleaning so that water or household products do not get between the adhesive and the marble worktop.