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How can I protect myself from being overlooked in my apartment?

How can I protect myself from being overlooked in my apartment?

For your apartment design, think privacy!

To keep prying eyes out of your home, there are several types of window film. Partial or total, they are a good solution for apartments, whether you own or rent.

To help you choose from among our solutions, we present in this guide the specific features and benefits of our privacy films. We're off!

Partial privacy with decorative film-86814

Partial protection from view with a decorative film

Decorative privacy film allows you to regain your privacy while enhancing your windows. There are a number of designs in film for windows, with varying degrees of privacy, to help you find the right balance between transparency and opacity.

Decorative frosted film turns your window into a decorative element. Thanks to the transparent areas of the window film, you can keep an eye on the outside. Thanks to the transparent

with the frosted deco adhesive, you're partly protected from outside view.

Our selection of patterned decorative films

For dressed and protected glass!

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Mirror-effect film-86816 protects from view while maintaining outward visibility

Protect yourself from the viewer by keeping the visibility to the outside with a mirror effect film

The incredible power of mirror-effect privacy film is to make it possible to see without being seen. Thanks to its specific composition, one-way mirror film creates a reflective screen on the brightest side. On the other side, you'll be able to see with complete transparency.

This discreet mirrored film preserves your privacy by letting through some visible light. It's important to know that this privacy film works by balancing the light: the mirror effect is always on the brighter side of the glazing. When night falls and the light is switched on indoors, the mirror effect of the privacy film is reversed.

Our selection of one-way mirrors

Adhesive or electrostatic, more or less mirror effect, you're bound to find the reference you need ;)

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Total privacy with frosted film-86815

Total protection from view without darkening with a frosted film

Frosted window film protects you from prying eyes. It works day and night, near and far. This blackout film transforms your window into sandblasted glass in the blink of an eye. Thanks to its special properties, this frosted privacy film blurs the view and lets in all the natural light. You can use it on your interior glazing, or on your terrace if you have one :)

Several references are presented, depending on the visual rendering and installation you require. Whether fixed adhesive or repositionable electrostatic frosted film, you're spoilt for choice on the site.

This excellent privacy filter is particularly useful in bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms or ground-floor windows. Discreet frosted film is available in a range of colors to match your decor and taste.

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Our selection of frosted films

Preserve your privacy without compromising on brightness! ☀️

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