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I'd like to protect myself from prying eyes day and night

I'd like to protect myself from prying eyes day and night

Keep prying eyes away

If you've reached the point of taking a shower with the lights off, to avoid making a spectacle of yourself in front of the neighbors, then it's high time you took a look at the selection of Luminis Film products to protect you from prying eyes, day and night!


Frosted film: day or night, say goodbye to prying eyes!

Discover our beautiful range of frosted films in a variety of finishes: patterns, colors or transparency, the choice is yours! Once applied, they will enhance the privacy of your windows, at any time of day. From the outside, all you'll see is a distant shadow!

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The principle of frosting: -85667

The principle of frosting :

Whether decorative, with attractive geometric or floral motifs, or as a total film, frosted film is the ideal finish for day and night privacy. Unlike one-way mirror film, which uses the phenomenon of light balancing to function, frosted film is effective all the time. Depending on the pattern you choose, or the total version, the glare will be more or less attenuated, while you'll enjoy a beautiful natural luminosity. Total frosted film just doesn't let you preserve the transparency of your glazing, as can be the case with decorative frosted film.

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