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Repositionable heat protection film for skylights

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  • Product number : TOILE-100i

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  • Efficiency against heat: excellent with 92% of solar energy rejected
  • Light transmission: good
  • Dark silver outside / black inside for better visibility on the outside
  • Repositionable: install in summer and remove in winter, ideal for skylights
  • Interior installation on the frame with 3M scratch pads
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Detailed description

Opt for a repositionable solar film to protect you from the sun only in summer and let all the light through the rest of the year. You can install your film on the frames of your skylight or window to reflect the sun's rays and reject 92% of the solar energy. This prevents overheating in rooms that are highly exposed to the sun and heat, such as a bedroom with a skylight. In addition to protecting against heat, the repositionable anti-heat film also protects against glare and UV rays. Seen from the inside, the fabric has a "smoky" appearance; seen from the outside, the fabric is "aluminium" to stop the heat and protect from prying eyes.

This repositionable solar film is applied to the frame of skylights and windows. It should never be applied directly to the glass. It is therefore advisable to add at least 3 cm to the dimensions of the glass to be able to install the double-sided scratch strips on the joinery.

As a reminder, 18 male/female scratches are automatically included in your order for every linear metre. If you want a satisfactory result, we advise you to put 1 scratch every 50 cm on vertical walls and 1 scratch every 30 cm for sloping walls. If you do not have enough Velcro, you can order an extra set of 10 Velcro under the reference VO230. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact one of our advisers.

Product number : TOILE100i

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* price per m² for the purchase of a full roll of the largest width.

The Luminis Films Tech brand

Luminis Films Tech

Luminis Films TECH is there for all the little problems of everyday life! Protect yourself from heat, from being overlooked, from prying eyes, from ultraviolet rays, from acts of vandalism, from broken windows... Luminis Films TECH films are ultra-efficient and are available in several categories according to your needs. Resistant, easy to install, some even have an electrostatic finish! They can also be adapted to all your glass walls and even to polycarbonate surfaces thanks to our special selection. Depending on your wishes, you can choose from several dozen references with different characteristics. Among them, security films subject to very strict standards, or anti-heat films that reduce solar energy by up to 90%: with Luminis Films TECH, your daily life becomes more serene!

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Need help with installation?

Velux with repositionable sun protection film

I do it myself

Tools for easy installation

Whatever your project, the application tools and accessories offered by Luminis Films will be very useful for the success of your application! Adhesive films, electrostatic films, decorative coatings... each product has its own associated application material. Thanks to these accessories, give yourself the opportunity to apply your Luminis Films film or coating and obtain a clean and precise result by following all our application tutorials!

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