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Good resolution 2023: I save energy at home

Trend January 10th 2023 2023-01-10T08:00:00+08:00
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The month of January is often dedicated to the good resolutions of the year: sport, diet, activity, work... and if this year, you did more actions for our beautiful planet and at the same time for your wallet?

Saving energy at home: I reduce my electricity consumption

There is no secret, to reduce your electricity consumption and to save energy at home, you must leave nothing to chance! In most homes, it is the heating that is the heaviest burden because unless you have a new home, the insulation is not necessarily the best. In winter, the cold comes in through your windows, so you inevitably increase the heating. Unfortunately, changing all your windows is not an option for you because it is very expensive despite some state aid which is often insufficient. Without forgetting the tenants who must sometimes undergo the bad insulation of their housing.
In 2023 we save energy at home! For this, the anti-cold film is a good alternative, accessible, effective immediately, it is applied directly on the windows and will make you gain some precious degrees. Tip: install it on all your windows for even more efficiency! In addition, to improve the insulation of a window frame, we recommend insulating foam or rubber strips to stop cold air.

I order my anti-cold film.

In summer the problem is the opposite: the heat! And this is not going to improve with climate change, our summers will be hotter and the insulation of a home is also important. The idea? Don't throw yourself into air conditioners next summer, because they are real energy guzzlers, but rather turn to less energy-consuming alternatives like anti-heat film. Its durability, up to 15 years for some references, will offer you a long-lasting and efficient protection. You will know how to make this investment profitable in the absence of an air conditioner or even a fan that consumes electricity. The anti-heat film is also to be put directly on your windows, it will allow you to send back a big part of the solar energy before it enters your interior: an excellent solution to make energy savings at home!

I opt for small gestures on a daily basis:

On a daily basis, you can also make small gestures for the planet. Of course, they are not directly linked to energy, but if you think about it, they are still linked! For example, we invite you to discover all the producers and merchants around you in order to encourage short circuits. This will generate less mass travel for the goods and therefore less gasoline. The second hand is also a very beautiful action to set up in complement of the energy savings at home recycle and be creative! 

I'm doing some homestaging in my house