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Does one-way mirror film at night work?

Does one-way mirror film at night work?

Many of you have asked us: Does the one-way mirror film work day and night?

Here's how it works. One-way mirror film is a privacy film. It protects you from prying eyes, while maintaining your view of the outside world.

Mirror-effect films work thanks to the balance of light between the two sides of the glass.

Under what conditions does one-way mirror film work?

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Daytime one-way film-86400

The one-way film during the day

Tint-free mirror film works perfectly in daylight. The film's mirror effect is created on the brighter side of the glass.

In the middle of the day, the one-way mirror film turns the outside of the glass into a reflective screen to enhance your privacy. On the other side, the transparency of the glass is preserved, allowing you to keep your view of the outside.

One-way film protects against glare all day long. It's the only window film that ensures outward visibility!

Our selection of one-way mirror films

From the most efficient to the most transparent to let in the maximum amount of light, there are many choices to choose from.

The one-way film at night, light off-86401

The one-way film at night with the light off

Thanks to the brightness of the moon or public lighting, the light is stronger outdoors than indoors.

One-way mirror film works very well in these conditions. It's the metal particles in the mirror film that turn the glass into a true mirror when viewed from the outside.

Two-way film at night, light on-86402

The one-way film at night with the light on

In this case, the one-way mirror adhesive film does not provide any protection from view.

When the light is on inside your home and it's dark outside, the mirror effect

is reversed. It lets in outside eyes.

For total protection, you can combine this solution with blinds. These will guarantee your privacy when mirror-effect window film is not available.

doesn't work.

Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a day-and-night one-way mirror film.

Our anti-glare window film solutions for day and night-86403

Our window film solutions for day and night

If you want to protect yourself from neighbors and passers-by watching you 24 hours a day, it's possible to find a window film that provides day-and-night privacy.

There are several possible solutions:

It's a great alternative for protecting yourself from prying eyes, while keeping a room bright! This solution, whether adhesive or electrostatic, prevents people from looking in thanks to blurring. People will be able to see vague shadows, depending on the degree of blurring required. But they won't be able to see what's going on in your home at all! 

Opaque film is a good solution if you want to block out a window and the view from it. This type of film doesn't let light through at all. That's why you need to think carefully about the brightness of the room once it's installed. Decorative or neutral, dozens of solutions are available to decorate your surface while eliminating privacy ;)

This is the best solution for people who want to enjoy their view during the day. With frosted or opaque film, outward vision will be affected. This is not the case with one-way mirrors.

You'll be able to avoid glare during the day thanks to our one-way mirror film, which also acts as a solar protection film. In the evening, shutters or blinds can be used to avoid it :)

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