Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing your window film

Installing window film

  • How do I apply window film?

    In order to successfully apply your window film, we strongly recommend that you follow the steps outlined in our window film installation instructions and our "how to apply window film" video tutorials.

    For a window film: installation instructions and installation video.

    For electrostatic window film: installation instructions and installation video.

    We have a number of installation tools available in our installation materials category.

  • What accessories should I choose for the installation of my film?

    We offer you an installation kit with the necessary tools that will allow you to install the film more easily.

  • Is it possible to remove the film?

    Window films are easy to remove and your window will easily be restored to its original state. To do this, start by removing it from an angle at the top of the window. The film will gradually peel off. If it resists, the film can be heated from the outside. Adhesive residues may remain. You can use a window scraper to remove them permanently without damaging the glass.

    We strongly advise against using abrasive products such as acetone to remove the glue, as this will spread it. In addition, it will attack the adhesive of the new film you wish to install and reduce its adhesion to the glass.

    Electrostatic films can be applied and removed at will without leaving any trace. It is therefore the ideal solution for a temporary application.

How to choose your adhesive coating?

Installing your adhesive coating:

  • How do I apply an adhesive coating?

    The installation of wall coverings is easy, just follow the instructions in our installation guide and video tutorials.

    For decorative vinyl: Installation instructions and installation video.

  • On which surfaces should decorative adhesive be applied?

    Our decorative coatings are suitable for smooth surfaces such as: painted walls, varnished walls, glass, plastic and metal surfaces. Avoid grainy and dusty surfaces such as plaster, lime plaster and other irregular surfaces. Our adhesive products can be glued to walls, furniture, appliances, glass, tiles, mirrors, showers, etc.

  • Do I need to prepare the surface to be equipped before applying the adhesive vinyl?

    Yes, the surface must be perfectly smooth and clean, free of dust, grease or other dirt that could have a negative effect on the adhesive power of the product. We recommend that you dampen your surface slightly before applying the adhesive.