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Anti-cold film

Avoiding heat loss

Insulating film allows you to keep the heat in by limiting heat loss through the glazing. Save energy with anti-cold film.

Insulate your home with anti-cold film

This insulating film allows you to improve your living comfort in all rooms of your building. In addition, it provides better thermal insulation for your windows. Thanks to the anti-cold film, you can save energy by reducing your heating consumption in winter. This reduction can be as much as 33% depending on the glass surface of your building. Finally, the insulating film eliminates the "cold wall" effect.

How does an anti-cold film work?

In winter, your indoor heat escapes through your windows.

This loss is due to three factors: radiation, conduction and convection.

Let's look at the first two important cases:

  • Radiation: In winter, your heat is dissipated through your windows by radiation, but thanks to our film, this heat is partly reflected towards the inside, ensuring you a very pleasant comfort.
  • Conduction: By transferring air to the glass and measuring a temperature point inside and outside the glass, the transmission coefficient "K" is improved by the anti-cold film.

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