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Reinforce your glazing

Security film is an effective protection against glass breakage and burglary. It is the ideal solution to considerably improve the resistance of your windows.

Because of their low impact resistance, glass panes are the preferred target for thieves to break into your home. Thanks to the anti-burglary film, you can reinforce your windows, bay windows, shop windows, etc. This transparent polyester film with a thickness of 100 to 300 microns transforms any glazed surface into a highly resistant security glass. Discover the range

Security film: protection against burglary

By sticking the security film on the inside of a window, you can provide effective anti-theft protection. It considerably delays intrusion attempts by reinforcing the equipped glass.

Safety film: protection against glass breakage

The application of anti-burglary film also prevents the glass from shattering in the event of unintentional or intentional impact. It protects the people inside and the objects.

Safety film: transparent protection

This colourless film preserves the transparency of the glass. It does not distort the vision through your windows and is imperceptible to the naked eye.

Security film: protection against tags and scratches

Opt for an anti-scratch film to protect windows that are widely exposed to the public. Easy to remove, it will be more economical to change a film earlier than the whole window.

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