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Install your own glazing films: anti-heat, opacifying, ...

Blackoutfilm for windows

Preserve your privacy

Blackout window film protects you from prying eyes. More or less opaque, this privacy film cuts off the view from both sides of the window. It ensures discretion in your room.

Our wide range of blackout films allows us to meet all types of demand. This privacy film blocks the view from both sides of the glazing. It is the ideal solution to avoid being seen inside your home by transforming the appearance of your windows.

You will no longer have a problem with neighbours and outside eyes. With self-adhesive blackout film or electrostatic blackout film, you can find the right way to increase your privacy, either permanently or temporarily.

Frosted film

Preserve your privacy without darkening

Opacifying film

Darken a large part of your windows

Opaque films

Completely obscure your glass surfaces

Micro-perforated film

Turn your windows into a communication medium

Can't find the right pattern or colour?

Thanks to our high definition printing, we have the capacity to draw your design to measure. Send us your artwork for a quote.

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